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C. Naseer Ahmad - @oaktonview - writes for the Diplomatic Courier, PakistanLink, Luxembourg Chronicle and the Swiss American Historical Review.

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Celebration of the life of Jim Sakolosky

Jim Sakolosky's ashes interned at Holy Family Catholic Church, Elizabeth City, N.C. His grandchildren painted the urn.
Jim Sakolosky ( Feb 20, 1941- Apr 13, 2020) led the unit within EPA's Mobile Source Enforcement Division responsible for writing the clean air regulations. Jim hired C. Naseer Ahmad to create the law enforcement database in 1974. Due to the pandemic, his family held off the Celebration of his life until July 31, 2021. The urn was painted by Jim's grandchildren.
More about this photo: https://www.dailyadvance.com/opinion/letters/sakoloskys-kindness-lives-on-in-those-who-remember-him/article_9766602c-21a4-5284-b526-d3df6675c0e4.html

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Internment of Jim Sakolosky's ashes

Father P. Nicholas Cottrill reads the scriptures during internment of Jim's ashes

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Bob Mussler in Jim's garden

Bob Mussler was hired by Jim Sakolosky to help write the clean air regulations in the 1970s. Jim was an engineer who became a lawyer and so is Bob. Jim was an avid gardener, who used his engineering skills and precision in designing his gardens.

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A loving wife carries the ashes before internment, as daughter Anna looks on

Jim's loving wife Dixie Nash Sakolosky carries his ashes before they were interned at the Holy Family Catholic Church Elizabeth City, N.C.
Jim is survived by his wife Dixie Sakolosky, son John Sako, daughter-in-law Erin Storrs Sakolosky, daughter Anna Sakolosky Ownby, son-in-law Steven Ownby, daughter Kate Sakolosky Brandspiegel, son-in-law Jake Brandspiegel, grandchildren: Oliver Sakolosky, Wilder Sakolosky, Paige Ownby, Neil Ownby, Eliza Brandspiegel, Mack Brandspiegel, sister: Diane Sakolosky Weber, brother-in-law Marvin Weber, twin-brother Jack Sakolosky and sister-in-law Diane Sakolosky.