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Science and Enterprise named to top 100 science blogs, by Feedspot (21 Mar. 2023)

National Press Club 2023 Photo Exhibit

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Exhibit catalog hosted by Technology News and Literature.
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National Press Club award winner

Alan Kotok is a winner of the 2020 Bernie Krug Award, which recognizes long-term service to National Press Club and is the organization’s highest volunteer honor.

Photos: Press vs Politicians Spelling Bee 2023

Amy Wang, 2023 spelling bee winner
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  • "Panel calls for U.S. media to hold Indian leader accountable for 2002 massacre". National Press Club. 8 Mar. 2023. Discussion of media, government, and press freedom in India and the U.S.
  • "Bye-Bye Bluebird". Science & Enterprise. 17 Dec. 2022. We're leaving Twitter. Here's why.
  • "White House photographer Pete Souza and I stood up to copyright bullies. Here’s how you can, too." The Latest. 31 Aug. 2022. Published by National Press Club Journalism Institute.

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