Victoria Gaither

Victoria Gaither is an emmy award winning news broadcaster and published photojournalist. She splits her time between Washington, DC, USA and Foxton Beach, New Zealand.

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We are one

We are one'
A local man holds on to wooden posts at All Saints Anglican Church in Foxton, New Zealand as the community comes together to mourn the 51 people killed on March 15th 2019 at two separate mosques in Christchurch. The Foxton and Foxton Beach community was overcome with sadness as was the entire country. New Zealand, Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, rallying cry was 'We are one' the image of this gentlemen shows how everyday kiwis came together in prayer and unity to stand up to such a horrible act.

I (Victoria Gaither) was at the 'We are one' service in Foxton, New Zealand. All Saints Anglican Church opened their doors for the community to pray and light candles for the 51 victims who died in the attacks. It was a very sad time for the entire country and this man after the service was over walked up to the alter and just put his arms on the posts with such sadness in his heart. It's a time I will never forget being in New Zealand when this horrible act happened! The country and people pulled together to show the world kindness and how one act will not tarnish New Zealand.

Architect and goats

Architect David Quillin & His Goats
David Quillin was born and raised on Maryland's Eastern Shore. In his early 20's he was suppose to go into the family hotel business in Ocean City, Maryland but decided that wasn't for him. After a conversation with his supporting mom and dad, David went to school for Architecture and what has come since are amazing homes, buildings, and designs that have the Quillin Touch!

I (Victoria Gaither) visited David at his home in Berlin on a hot day in July. His wife Kim explains how the two goats will do anything for food or treats and sure enough the goats come out and David starts feeding them which made for some fun photos. David is quite funny because he's very shy but easy to spot! He stands tall and lean with a look of Prince Harry according to Dr. Victor Gong. Listen to his story of how he become an Architecture with the support of his loving parents and encouragement. Plus, what part the goats play in this story.

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Spongebob Squarepants

The face of spongebob squarepants
On the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland this man who plays spongebob squarepants takes a break from the heat with his head next to him.

I (Victoria Gaither) was enjoying time in Ocean City, Maryland on the boardwalk when I saw sponge bob square pants taking a break. I asked his name and said "I"m spongebob squarepants" so I said okay and took him picture. He plays the cartoon character daily on the boardwalk and says it's fun because its makes kids and adults happy

Lincoln Memorial

A night with Abraham Lincoln
After leaving a talk at the National Press Club, I drove over to my favorite monument the Lincoln Memorial and was able to capture this beautiful photo.

The Lincoln Memorial has always been my favorite memorial. After being overseas for 5 years, when I'm home in Washington, DC I always go and visit this place it brings back childhood memories and makes me happy. Thank you President Lincoln