Carol James

Carol (Christian) James studied photography at the University of Minnesota J-School with R. Smith Schuneman. She spent 35 years in journalism and public affairs in the Twin Cities and in Washington, DC. She lives in Alexandria.

Electronic images

Nooksack Falls

Nooksack Falls, WA

Convergence on cannon

Convergence on the Cannon
Nature's forces convene at 19th century mill site. Waterford, MN. 6/11/19

Nomad iPhone

Tripping through Alice’s Wonder Land
Ethereal being races by, shielding identity; nomad with caravan notices not. Atlanta Botanical Garden, Piedmont Park Conservancy, May 2, 2019.

Fallow dreams

ATTN: Dreamers - Fallow your dreams - The WALL
Severac-le-Chateau, Midi-Pyrenes, France. 5/26/18

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Seattle Aquarium

Being in the great blue beyond
Seattle Aquarium, July 15, 2019

Seattle Aquarium

Navigating sea space
Seattle Aquarium, July 15, 2019