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Al Teich is a a research professor at George Washington University. He's been an enthusiastic amateur photographer since winning a box camera in a jingle contest at the age of 10. He's a long-time member and former chair of the NPC Photo Committee. His main camera is a Nikon D750. He took the photos shown here, however, with his iPhone XR.

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Bouquiniste, Paris

Paris, 2019: Bouquiniste along the Seine, Paris
The 900 bouquinistes, used and antiquarian book sellers with stalls on the banks of the Seine, are a quintessential part of Paris. They have been in business in various guises since the 1600s. This photo, showing one of the bouquinistes minding his stall, was taken on Bastille Day (July 14), 2019

My wife Jill and I were in Paris for several days following a cruise in the Bordeaux region of France. Due to an injury, I was not carrying my Nikon and shot my pictures on this visit with my iPhone XR. I took this one from the back seat of a Lyft. It seemed appropriate to its subject matter to take it in monochrome rather than color.

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Libourne, France

Libourne, France, 2019: La Tour du Vieux Port
Libourne, a town in the Bourdeaux region of France, at sunset, seen from a cruise ship on the Dordogne River. The machicolations (openings just under the roof) were used for discharging weapons on the enemy below. Note: They are no longer in use. There is a clock on this tower not visible in the photo.

This iPhone photo was taken on a river cruise as the ship drew away from the dock in Bordeaux to avoid a tidal bore (mascaret). This was the first of several lovely sunsets on this cruise through the heart of the wine country in the Gironde province.

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Frantz, host at Le Train Bleu, Paris restaurant.
Le Train Bleu is an iconic, art nouveau Paris restaurant founded in 1900 and located in the Gare de Lyon railroad station. The host, Frantz, dressed in full regalia, was more than willing to pose for photographs

We had long intended to visit Le Train Bleu, a venerable and very expensive, ornately decorated art nouveau restaurant in Gare de Lyon, one of the busiest railway stations in France. Rather than dinner, we went for drinks in mid-afternoon. Frantz was our genial host and, in his old-fashioned blue uniform, welcomed us to the restaurant.

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Harley engine

Milwaukee, 2018: Tail End of a Harley
This creatively decorated 1973 Harley-Davidson motorcycle resides in the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. In addition to the lights, reflectors, and chrome embellishments, this classic Electra Glide cycle -- dubbed the"Rhinestone" Harley by its owner -- has about as many American flags as the owner could find places to attach.

We were visiting my son and grandson in Milwaukee and spent an afternoon at the Harley-Davidson Museum, one of the highlights of any trip to this Wisconsin city. This machine grabbed our attention. The museum is a great place to visit and, obviously a wonderful place to take pictures.

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Mykonos port

Mykonos port in the early evening
This photo was taken handheld with my Nikon D300 sporting an 18-200 Nikkor lens at a focal length of 60 mm, f/5 and 1/200. (The ISO was set at 250.)

The Lonely Planet guide describes Mykonos as the "party animal" of the Cyclades, a group within the Greek Islands. It is undoubtedly the most popular of the islands and its port is the focus of much of the action on the island. This photo is from a vacation in June 2009 which also included Athens and Istanbul. It's one of my favorites from that trip and the reason I haven't shown it before is because I have so many others that I like from the trip. The hotel at which we stayed is near the top of the mountain (hill?) in the background and it afforded some beautiful views, but the harbor looked best at night from the promenade that partially encircles it.

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