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Aileen Roberta Schlef is president of Creative Alliance Communications, a boutique firm that creates client-centered practical communications models that improve their governing capacity and stakeholder buy-in which facilitating change. Their projects have built community and corporate/community collaborations throughout the nation. Aileen began her journalism career with the founding of La LUZ magazine in the 1970s, the first Mexican American-focused publication in the nation and has continued to develop Latino and multicutural stories as a freelance journalist. She is returning to her photography passion to chronicle important stories that merit coverage.

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The Rain Creates a Fantasy Experience at the Wharf.

The Wharf continues to attract tourists and neighbors who love the view and the lights, even in the rain.
The Wharf is lovely at night and becomes a fantasy experience in the rain. After months of being away from my camera, I decided to walk the Wharf on a rainy night. Well, it rained every night last week. When the skies broke open with heavy rain and thunder, I was fascinated by the experience. People did not run but walked with umbrellas or just enjoyed the rain uncovered. I went to Mi Vida to get a better view. There were two stories. The beauty of the night and the happenings on the ground.

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Even in the Rain and Traffic, there is a place to sleep

Walking home from the Wharf -- after a long time of not taking photos - I passed a man sound asleep. Cars and buses passed by but he was sound asleep outside a local church.

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Concerts Go Forward Even in the Rain

The concert went on -- inside and outside - even with the storm.