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I am a writer and artist specializing in sculpture, painting, drawing, and photography. I was a federal writer for 40 years. Website is artistofthefigure.com

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Carol Morgan: Electronic images

Morgan image 1

What I saw on the Bus in Washington DC

Woman on 64 Ft. Totten bus.
I often draw bus and subway riders in DC. I thought this lady looked more interesting as a photograph. I was lucky to have my camera handy to capture this sleeping lady.
This image also appears in the print photo display.

Morgan image 2

Grandmother and granddaughter on the bus in Washington, DC

I found the image more striking as a photo than as a drawing. I loved the image, which ordinarily would draw in pen and ink
This image also appears in the print photo display.

Morgan image 3

Millennial gardeners work in Columbia Heights Community Garden, in northwest Washington, DC

The gardeners donated 600 pounds of organic produce to charity in 2020. I discovered the garden on my walks in the neighborhood during the pandemic, a source of joy and inspiration in a dead city.

Morgan image 4

The hoop house in the community garden in Columbia Heights

The hoop house nurtures seedlings in spring and protects kale, lettuce, and collard greens in winter.
The gardeners, all volunteers, trained squash plants to grow over the top of the hoop house.