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A NPC member for 12 years, Celeste McCall is a freelance food and travel writer, who takes photos with her beloved iPhone 7-plus. She writes for Capital Community News, covering (and photographing) restaurants on and around Capitol Hill and midtown Washington DC.

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McCall image 1

“Handsome,” our resident opossum, who lives behind our back yard shed.

“Handsome” usually stays hidden (‘possums are mainly nocturnal), but sometimes he emerges from his hiding place to raid our two cats’ food bowls.
For the past year and a half, my husband Peter and I didn’t travel much. However, we found unexpected treasures near our Capitol Hill home and elsewhere. With fewer drivers on the road, the air seemed cleaner, brighter, our backyard gardens more abundant.  And, I discovered wildlife in our own backyard; the C&O Canal; Cape May, NJ and Sarasota, FL (near Siesta Key), where we travel each February to escape winter’s chill.

McCall image 2

Great blue heron, which we spotted while strolling along the C&O Canal.

During the early days of the pandemic shutdown, when most businesses and other venues were closed, we rediscovered nature by taking long walks. On such an outing, we spotted the magnificent bird.

McCall image 3

Ghost crab swimming in our hotel pool in Cape May, NJ.

Since the pandemic, our travels have been limited, but we did go to Cape May this past June to celebrate my birthday. We drove to Lewes, DE, where we caught the ferry for Cape May. There we stayed at the Sea Crest Inn across the road from the ocean. We’re not sure how the spooky looking creature got into our pool, but we surmised that someone threw it in as a prank.

McCall image 4

Tiny lizard clinging to a tree trunk at the Marie Selby Botanical Garden in Sarasota, FL.

Every February, we travel to Siesta Key, a barrier island in the Gulf, where we rent a condo.  A favorite destination is the Marie Selby Gardens, where we spotted the lizard.