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Jeannette enjoys being behind a camera capturing the fleeting moments of life. Her eye witness photographs have appeared in dozens of national and international publications over the years. One of Jeannette's life missions are the preservation of wildlife and natural areas, and through photography enjoys educating and sharing her passion with others.

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Jeannette Wulff: Electronic images

Wulff image 1

Honey Bee and the Crocus

First crocus of the season quickly captured attention of a passing honey bee.

Wulff image 2

Morning Fawn

Fawn blending with dappled morning sunlight thankfully captured my eye.

Wulff image 3

A Great Egret

Great Egrets were hunted nearly to extinction in the 19th century for their plumage. Through successful conservation efforts they are making a strong return to bird society. The Egret photographed high up in canopy of tree tops near nesting site on private property in Southern Maryland.

Wulff image 4

Fleeting Summer Rose

A bright pink rose in garden this summer was appreciated and admired every day of its fleeting life.