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Ron Hoffer is a specialist on water and environmental management with over 40 years of professional experience, more than half of which has been on international development projects and policy initiatives. He has worked for the World Bank, U.S EPA, state government and in consulting. Nearly always accompanied by a camera and a keen sense of adventure, his overseas work has taken him to Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Anglophile Africa, Central America, and southern and southeastern Asia. His photo memoir "From the Bronx to Berlin and Beyond" was published in 2020 by Kerber-Verlag in Germany. www.ronhoffer.com

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Hats On at Hats Off

Two women proudly displaying their hats in honor of DC's famous milliner Vanilla Beane
Two attendees outside the Gallery Neptune Brown for the exhibit of Benjamin Ferry who completed a two year focused exploration of extraordinary Washington, DC milliner Vanilla Beane, and her shop, Bené Millinery. Ms. Beane was in attendance at the opening, and many of her customers showed up with their hats and stories.
This image also appears in the print photo display.
More about this photo: http://www.galleryneptunebrown.com/benjamin-ferry-hats-off

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Berlin November 2019

Three celebrants taking selfies at the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
I captured these celebrants awash in yellow light beneath the undulating banners of the Visions in Motion exhibit held at the former border between East and West Berlin. The exhibit consists of some 30,000 messages reflecting the 30th anniversary. I was drawn to the wash of yellow light and overlapping oval shapes.
This image also appears in the print photo display.
More about this photo: https://www.ronhoffer.com/

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Santa takes the Subway

Group of young Santas at the Canal Street subway platform
The last "Santacon" was held in December 2019, and I captured a few interesting photos of young people having an early taste of the holiday season. One of the images of pre-Covid times that has sustained me.
More about this photo: https://www.ronhoffer.com/

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Leipzig S Bahn Entrance

Interesting graffiti at the entrance to a surface transport stop in Leipzig, Germany
I traveled from Berlin in November 2019 to Leipzig; a former East German city considered the "new Berlin" with lower housing and living costs attracting the next wave of artists and internationals. I found this S-bahn stop had just the right mix of kitsch and location-relevant graffiti.
More about this photo: https://www.ronhoffer.com/