Christy Bowe

Owner of ImageCatcher News Service. I am a news photographer that has provided photographic coverage of the The White House and Capitol Hill for the past 25 years. I am represented by Getty Images, Polaris Images and Zuma Press. My book Eyes That Speak is due to released this fall. Images including many from the book can be seen on my website:

Electronic images

President Trump

President Trump vs. The Media
11/7/18 - East Room of The White House. President Donald Trump reacts to aggressive questioning from CNN reporter Jim Acosta during a rare Presidential Press Conference. photo: Christy Bowe-ImageCatcher News

11/7/18-The East Room of The White House- Trump vs. Acosta.
I was fortunate to witness one of the rare formal Presidential Press Conferences in The East Room of The White House. On my way to an appointment, I was notified that The President would hold a press conference within the hour. Speeding down to the White House, I made it with 5 minutes to spare. Little did I know this would be such an high profile event. During the first part of the press conference, President Trump called on Jim Acosta, the chief correspondent for CNN, who asked a multi part question. The President proceeded to call on another reporter as Acosta continued to pursue his question. The President became angry, criticizing both Acosta and CNN, and called on another reporter while many other media were calling out during the chaois. During this verbal scuffle, a White House intern doing her job, attempted to take the mike away from Jim and give it to the next reporter. He gently brushed her hand away. The White House claimed Acosta was much more aggressive and pulled his hard-pass. CNN went to court and had his pass reinstated. And so the battle of the press and the Trump White House continues…


Protesters Speak Out
9/4/18 - Dirksen Bldg.-Capitol Hill- Washington DC. Protesters continue to disrupt the Supreme Court Confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh. photo: Christy Bowe- ImageCatcher News.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing.
Of the six U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearings, the Brett Kavanaugh hearing was by far the most exciting. Protesters continuously tried to disrupt the Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing. There were 22 arrests on the first day alone. A certain amount of seats are reserved for the public to witness each hearing for a short period and then are rotated out. We got to the point where we could tell who was about to jump up and start shouting by the look in their eyes. About a dozen Capitol Hill Police stood in the back of the hearing room with plastic ties they used as handcuffs and would transport each protester out the back and down the elevator to the paddy wagon. It was a very efficient system that had an assembly line feel to it.

Justice Kavanagh

The Newest Member of The Supremes
10/8/18 - East Room of The White House. Judge Brett Kavanaugh is sworn in as an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court replacing Justice Anthony Kennedy who he once clerked for. photo: Christy Bowe-ImageCatcher News.

10/8/18- The East Room –Judge Brett Kavanaugh finally is sworn in
I was very fortunate to get into this event and there were not a lot of us there. Kavanaugh had once been a law clerk for Justice Kennedy and now he would be taking his seat on the Supreme Court. The official ceremony was held in a private ceremony at the Supreme Court but the ceremonial one at The White House is very special. In his opening remarks in The East Room, President Trump apologized to Kavanaugh for all he went through during his confirmation process. At last Brett Kavanaugh was finally transformed from witness to judge as his family stood by his side and he was administered the oath by Justice Kennedy.

Robt Mueller

Mueller Reports on His Report
7/24/19 - Rayburn Bldg. Capitol Hill. Former special counsel Robert Mueller answers questions about the Mueller Report from the House Intelligence Committee. He had been subpoened by Congress to do so. photo: Christy Bowe-ImageCatcher News

Former special counsel Robert Mueller answers questions about the Mueller Report from the House Intelligence Committee. He had been subpoened by Congress to do so.

Print photos

John McCain lies in state
8/31/18 - Senator John McCain lies in state at The U.S. Capitol. Photo : (c) Christy Bowe- ImageCatcher News

Thousands of people came by to pay their respects that day. I had photographed this senator many times over the years and he was always very gracious and cooperative. This particular day, the powers that be in the Senate Press Photographer’s Gallery allowed a few of us the unique opportunity to go up into the dome of the U.S. Capitol and shoot down. It was really cool being up there level with the windows in of the dome of The Capitol. It felt like truly a bird’s eye view.

The Speaker and the President
2/5/19- Capitol Hill- The Speaker and the President “Peace Out”. Photo : (c) Christy Bowe- ImageCatcher News

President Donald Trump and Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi greet each other at the State of The Union Address. The address had be postponed as both Trump and Pelosi fought over the financing of the border wall. I must admit everyone was holding their breath as this moment unfolded.