Kenneth Dalecki

Ken Dalecki took up photography as a Navy photojournalist in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. He is a 35-year member of the National Press Club and retired editor for the Kiplinger Washington Editors.

Electronic images

Wild horses

Fenced In
Once wild ponies corralled in northwest Nevada. The lucky ones will be adopted.

Overpopulation of wild horses in Nevada prompt roundups on federal lands with healthy animals being offered for adoption.

Andes mountains

Into the Mist
Mountain peaks in the southern Andes disappear into a cold mist.

Visitors of Patagonia and the beautiful mountains of southern Argentina and Chile are rarely treated to crystal clear days. Photographers passing through must take what they can get.

Soviet memorial

A Soviet Reminder
A gigantic war monument to the conquest of Berlin in War War II by the Red Army dominates a park near the Brandenburg Gate.

Today tourists climb over tanks and artillery left as part of the memorial when the Soviet Union withdrew from East Germany. It stands as a stark reminder of Berlin's destruction and East Germany's Soviet occupation.

Cape Horn

End of the World
Cape Horn marks the southern tip of the Americas with a memorial to the many mariners who perished rounding the horn in notoriously stormy seas.

Often off limits due to foul weather, I was lucky to visit during an unusual calm. The monument to lost sailors features a sculpture featuring an albatross, long considered a good luck omen for seamen. Countless ships sank fighting to round the cape against the giant waves and hurricane winds that circle the southern ocean. Opening of the Panama Canal greatly diminished shipping around the Horn.