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Al Teich has been an enthusiastic photographer since he was about 8 years old. He is the immediate past chair of the NPC Photography Committee and remains an active member.

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Al Teich: Electronic images

Teich image 1

A Bull in a China Shop

Taken in Deyrolle, a famous taxidermy shop in Paris in 2004
This was taken during my first visit to Deyrolle, before their devastating fire in 2008. The 150+ year-old shop was completely restored and is absolutely worth a visit if you are fortunate enough to go to Paris. Photography is no longer permitted in the shop.
More about this photo: https://www.deyrolle.com/

Teich image 2

Lake Tahoe

A pier on Lake Tahoe on the California-Nevada border
I took this at a brief stop on the way to a meeting at the Tahoe Environmental Research Center of the University of California, Davis.
More about this photo: https://visitinglaketahoe.com/

Teich image 3

Young Girl Among the Flowers

Taken during a vacation on Mykonos, Greece, in 2009
This was originally a color image that I manipulated in Photoshop.
More about this photo: https://pbase.com/al309/mykonos

Teich image 4

Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, 2004

A night shot of a shop entrance on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach
One of a series of black and white images I took with a Nikon 8800 during an evening stroll on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach in December 2004.
More about this photo: https://pbase.com/al309/lincoln