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Diane Stamm is an editor, writer, and photographer living in Washington, DC. https://bonjourparis.com/author/diane-stamm/

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Stamm image 1

Lincoln: Now More Than Ever

(This image of Lincoln shows a statue whose upkeep had been neglected, just as our democracy had been. But it also shows Lincoln, his fist clenched in determination to preserve the Union no matter the assaults, much as the country must do today.
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Stamm image 2

Moon Over PAHO

On a crystalline day, I walked past the Pan-American Health Organization and saw the moon over its shoulder and was compelled to preserve it in this photo.
This image also appears in the print photo display.

Stamm image 3

So How Many Dimensions Did You Say There Were?

I was exploring the Reach, part of the new additions to the Kennedy Center campus. I looked through the window on the Potomac River side of the building and could see the window in the perpendicular wall, which opened onto what looked like another world. That a figure happened to walk into this mise-en-scène only added another dimension.

Stamm image 4

Street Lights, Washington, DC

I was ambling around Washington, DC, looking at the reflections in the new construction, which is now mostly glass. This is the result of a little postproduction filter work and cropping.