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Bennett Lowenthal has been taking photographs since the 1970s. His cameras accompanied him throughout his career as a Foreign Service Officer, including in the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan in 2007-2008. These photographs were taken using a Gorizont panoramic camera manufactured in the USSR.

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Bennett Lowenthal: Electronic images

Lowenthal image 1

Helicopter, Tank, Crutch

The helicopter was American, the tank was Soviet, the owner of the crutch was nowhere to be found.

Lowenthal image 2

Fighting Bird

This fighting bird was making good money for its owner in local bouts.

Lowenthal image 3

Village Engagement

We're here to help.

Lowenthal image 4

Sgt. Downey & the Panjshir Chief of Police

Holding hands was a skill to be learned.