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Alan Kotok is an entrepreneur and writer on science, technology, business, and public policy. Kotok is founder and CEO of digital publishing company Technology News and Literature (www.technewslit.com), editor and publisher of the daily news site Science & Enterprise, and co-chair of the National Press Club's Photography Team, where he's one of a group of volunteer event photographers.

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Las familias merecen estar unidas

(Families deserve to be together) Reunite Families Rally, 30 June 2018, Washington, D.C.
The Trump administration's family separation policy, taking children from their parents, to discourage immigration provoked a firestorm of reactions, including marches and rallies across the country, such as this one.
More about this photo: https://technewslitphoto.smugmug.com/DC-and-region/AKphotos2018/i-dz7pmVh/A

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Kuznechny Market

St. Petersburg, Russia. 24 July 2019
We visited St. Petersburg and Moscow in July 2019 on a Road Scholar tour of Russian history and literature. The trip offered several opportunities to interact with ordinary Russians, including this visit to a city market.
More about this photo: https://technewslitphoto.smugmug.com/Travel-photos/Russia-2019/i-KHvkqLT/A

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Saluting la Marseillaise

Medals ceremony, Musée de l'Armée, Paris. 8 Oct. 2017.
In a private visit to Paris in October 2017, we happened on a ceremony awarding medals for valor to soldiers fighting insurgents in former French colonies in central Africa.
More about this photo: https://technewslitphoto.smugmug.com/Travel-photos/France-2017/i-MmSLrtg/A

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Running on the beach

Cape May, New Jersey. 4 June 2019.
Cape May, at the southern tip of New Jersey, is a jewel of the Jersey Shore. The lighthouse in the background is at Cape May Point State Park, the site of a bird sanctuary.
More about this photo: https://technewslitphoto.smugmug.com/Travel-photos/Cape-May-2019/i-rQSV8x2/A

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Journalist and author April Ryan

Interviewed at National Press Club Book and Author Fair, 2 Nov. 2018
April Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, was one of the authors featured at NPC's 2018 Book and Author Fair, promoting her book Under Fire: Reporting from the Front Lines of the Trump White House.
More about this photo: https://technewslitphoto.smugmug.com/National-Press-Club-events/Book-and-Author-Fair-2018/i-TtnnPpK/A

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Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D, IL)

National Press Club news conference, 13 Mar. 2019
Sen. Duckworth visited National Press Club in March 2019 to describe her vision of U.S. national security, from a perspective as a wounded veteran, that ties economic and social issues together with national security.
More about this photo: https://technewslitphoto.smugmug.com/National-Press-Club-events/Sen-Tammy-Duckworth-news-conference/i-9jLZvQX/A