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D.J. Caulfield’s professional photo career began in 1966 with a position as chief photographer and darkroom supervisor for a twice-weekly newspaper on the East End of Long Island, NY, eventually being elevated to photo editor. In 1974, he served as a founding member and first president of the Freelance East End Professional Photographer’s Association representing the interests of commercial, newspaper and fine arts practitioners. Formal training obtained at University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he also specialized in photomicrography. He and his wife operated for several years a portrait studio in Alpharetta, GA and later Springfield, VA.

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D.J. Caulfield: Electronic images

Caulfield image 1

Ghostly Gator

Resident of alligator farm in Saint Augustine, FL.
Crossing over a gator pond in Saint Augustine, FL, I found myself mesmerized by this albino alligator that hails from the Louisiana bayou.

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Loch Ness Mini

Discovered swimming in Atlantic Ocean off Key West, FL
Residents of Coconut Beach Resort were all a flutter with a three-foot (or so) animal that kept crossing back and forth in the bathing area about 30 yards off shore. Turned out to be one of the resident green iguanas out for a leisurely romp in the surf.

Caulfield image 3

Neighbor Buffalo

Herd kept on the North Quarter Farm in Riverhead, NY
Growing up in the farmlands of Eastern Long Island, where potato was king, gave me access to all manner of farm animal -- chickens, pigs and cows. But nowadays directly across the street from where I was raised as a pre-teen in Riverhead, NY, folks are surprised to come across a pasture featuring a fully-developed herd of buffalo. I bring visitors to the area to introduce them to my newest friends in the old neighborhood.