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Like many other Club members, I enjoy photography, but make no pretense of being a highly qualified, much less professional, photographer. Instead, while I enormously appreciate the work of skilled photographers, I use it myself to convey a message…often about myself. This year, my message is “Things about this year that I’ll be happy to forget.” There was a lot about the past year that was uplifting and memorable. But there was also a lot that I hope to forget. We all have a limited number of years left and -although there’s a lot encouraging about this past year that I will never forget- there’s also a lot that I’ll be happy to forget.

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Roger Cochetti: Electronic images

Cochetti image 1

We’ve learned to live with these every single day

Few photos better describe the things of this year that I will be happy to forget than my collection of face masks.

Cochetti image 2

Shocking new world.

Having travelled widely and lived through the 1970’s anti-war protests, I’ve seen military troops protecting capital buildings before. But the extent of this site was a record setter for me. I’ll be happy to forget I ever saw it.

Cochetti image 3

I’ve seen many signs with a message, but I’d never seen one like this

Cochetti image 4

Another sad image of the past year I hope I’ll forget.