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Diane Dompka is a native Washingtonian, this good fortune provided me a beautiful landscape filled with many visual opportunities thru Museums, Galleries, and the People of the World. My joy is capturing the spirit and beauty of the subject and the emotional bond of preserving the image. Photographs have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Knob Hill Gazette, Zenith Gallery

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Margery Goldberg Founder Zenith Gallery

I was interested in creating a Neon Fireplace, called for classes and Margery was the go-to Neon artist in DC, she said she had already created the fireplace, so I did not have to do it and we became friends.
Margery Goldberg, Artist, Arts Advocate, Owner and Founder of Zenith Gallery since 1978. After graduating from George Washington University in 1972 with a BA in fine arts Margery operated a workshop in a 100-year-old hayloft in Georgetown, one of the first women in America with her own woodworking studio creating sculpture and sculptured furniture. After the studio had a fire she relocated to the old site of the International School of Law, ½ block from 14th St., NW 10 years after the riots. It’s there that Zenith Gallery began, along with the Dance Exchange and Studio Theater. The complex also housed 50 artists’ studios. Many she still represents today. When the city closed the art center down in a zoning dispute in 1986 Zenith Gallery relocated to 7th St., NW, where it remained and flourished for 24 years From 1992 to 1997 Ms. Goldberg was a D.C. Commissioner on Arts and Humanities, And the last two years treasurer. In 2009 Zenith Gallery moved to her home, where there are two floors of Gallery Salon, a gallery, and an inground sculpture garden at 1429 Iris Street, N.W., While maintaining an exhibition space at 1111 Pennsylvania Ave, NW. In 2000 she founded the non-profit Zenith Community Arts Foundation In 2010 she won the Mayor’s Arts Award for Excellence in contribution to the arts and for the Galleries 40th -Anniversary she was honored by the DC Council. Currently, ZCAF is building a mobile woodshop to train a new generation of carpenters.
This image also appears in the print photo display.

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Stealing a Kiss Maybe?

I was with visitors walking up Constitution Avenue one soft rainy day and lo and behold saw 2 people on the bench with "W" hotel umbrellas enjoying some quiet moments in secrecy, a Washington thing. It was so sweet and very quiet.

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Caroline Casey, Astrologer

Caroline W Casey is the founder of Coyote Network , I learned of Caroline Casey thru friends and was told of her storeytelling and imagery as she interprets the Astrological chart she creates from the Year, Month, time and place of your birth.. Your life play unfolds as told by a truly gifted interpreter. She is like no other.
Caroline W. Casey is the founder of Coyote Network News, the mythological news service for the Librating Trickster within us all. Host, weaver of context, for The Visionary Activist Show, dedicated to anything we need to know to have a democracy, critique, and solutions, 25 years on Pacifica Radio Network. Dedicated to biomimicry that humans humbly cooperate with Nature’s Guiding Genius (aka Trickster, that loves “against all odds,” - so now is perfect. A frequent and rousing keynote speaker. Guiding individuals and collectives in language crafting, that our words, stories, metaphors be in accord with our dedicated hearts. The youngest daughter of New Deal Congressman, invites us all to think of our lives as spiritual detective stories. Our biographies are clues to our gifts to the community.
This image also appears in the print photo display.