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Mary Blake French has been a member of the National Press Club since 1979. A journalist for more than 50 years, she is also a member of the American News Women's Club and the Press Club's Photo Committee.

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Family Reunion

Singing and playing on the porch of the ancestral home, an 18th-century log house, during the annual family reunion in Boone's Creek, Tennessee.

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Memorial with Resurrection Lilies

This memorial is in rural Hillsboro.

French image 3

Angels on the Edge of the Woods

This “meeting” is in Loudoun County, Virginia.

French image 4

Capturing the Light in the Forest: An Art Student at Work

In Washington’s National Gallery of Art, a student learns more about the creative process by copying this painting.

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French photo 1

Sally Quinn

Sally Quinn, a well-known Washington journalist, is pictured here at the gala of the American News Women’s Club in 2005, when she and Ben Bradlee won the award for excellence in journalism.

French photo 2

Florence: The Arno and Ponte Vecchio

The oldest and most intriguing bridge in Florence crosses the Arno at its narrowest point. The bridges in the distance offer a lesson in perspective.