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Ken Dalecki learned about photography as a Navy photojournalist in 1967-'68. Photos submitted for this exhibit feature famous waterways and the vessels that ply them.

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Dalecki image 1

The Main, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany, was leveled by Allied bombing in World War II. Today it is known for its futuristic skyline on the river Main. The city has the busiest German airport and is the financial capital of continental Europe.
Frankfurt was my point of entry and exit during several weeks of travel through Europe in 2019.

Dalecki image 2

Tiber River, Rome

The Tiber River flows past the Castle of the Holy Angel, part of Rome's ancient defenses and a shelter for popes via a tunnel from the Vatican.
I spend lots of time crossing bridges over the Tiber while visiting Rome just before the coronavirus squashed tourism.

Dalecki image 3

A canal off Bangkok's Chao Phraya river.

Bangkok has been called the Venice of the East thanks to its network of waterways. Speedy water taxis are a practical way to get around the city.
This photo was taken during an extended stay in Bangkok after an NPC Travel Committee tour.

Dalecki image 4

The canals of Venice.

The canals of Venice accommodate all types of watercraft...speedboats. barges, houseboats, gondolas, etc.
There is no end to enchanting scenes along the canals of Venice. Getting lost in the city is part of its charm. I did, and nearly missed a cruise ship connection.