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Marshall is a professional photojournalist with over 30 years experience serving Embassies, commercial and private clients, and news media. His photos have been published world wide , and exhibited in private collections. He founded the NPC photography committee and has served as a press club photographer for a continuing 33 years. Marshall is a member of the White House News Photographer's Association (Presidents Clinton and George Bush Senior), the Professional Photographers of America, and an honorary life member of the Association of the Tall Ship the "Danmark". His book "Denmark: A Photographer's Odyssey" was published in 2015. (www.bigmarshnewsphotos.com)

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Marshall Cohen: Electronic images

Cohen image 1

Portrait of a Squirrel

Squirrel peering at me, his favorite nut supplier

Cohen image 2

Spooky Birds

A menacing illusion of an attack bird....but just a lucky capture in low light

Cohen image 3

Woody, digesting Suet

This woodpecker was eating our wooden roof trim at 5:30AM daily until I lured him to a suet basket.

Cohen image 4

Blue jays in an alternative universe

Using a slow shutter speed, the birds appear to be in a watery universe, like fish in an aquarium.
All four images are part of a larger project which was highly gratifying....I am not a nature photographer by profession but after months of enjoying the company of birds, squirrels, deer and fox -- all in my back yard -- I almost prefer them to hand-shaking Washington politicians and celebrities. Maybe time to get back to the real world??