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Skip Kaltenheuser, a club member since ’95, has written for a broad array of domestic and international publications on topics including politics, law, business, travel and culture. Some reprised essays are in the Politics mix at https://travelingboy.com/. Versions of some of his travel and slideshow offerings can also be seen at that site. A current concern of Skip’s is the prosecution of Julian Assange and the extent to which media ignores the peril it poses for journalism. Versions of an essay that tries to explain the injustice and the danger - Julian Assange, The Man Who Knew Too Much - can be found online.

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Fish-Eye View in Old Haikou

The backstreets and alleys that surround the colonial architecture of Old Haikou, are their own worlds. They provide high contrast to the rest of the modern port city on China’s island Hainan, in the South China Sea.
The most interesting view in a tranquil aquarium and tropical fish shop near Old Haikou was of the bustling street outside. (Oct. 2019)

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This little gal ventured out onto one of the glass panels of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, the longest and tallest glass pedestrian bridge.
Glass bridges are popular in China. Occasionally something goes wrong. The region has spectacular offerings, including mountains that inspired scenery for the movie "Avatar". (Oct. 2019)

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Masked-Up for a Super-Spreader Event

China has puts a great effort into entertaining its huge population and promoting domestic tourism, including creating many road-side attractions. This is part of sprawling complex, the Meixihu International Culture and Art Center, with a varied mix from a recreated ancient city to Chinese opera to impressive robotics and virtual reality. This was a small portion of the stormtroopers occupying a large hall. They're fond of stormtroopers. (Oct. 2019)

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Walking Off the Lazy Susan, Regretting the Stinky Tofu

Midnight in Changsha, capital of central China's Hunan province. (Oct. 2019)