Roger Cochetti

I have been a member of the National Press Club for many years and have occasionally participated in its annual photo exhibition. I claim no great photographic skills, but use the exhibition to share interesting and unusual events that I have photographed. You can find me at

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Hiking on Crete

Hiking on Crete in the Mediterranean
We took a vacation on the Greek island of Crete, one of the Mediterranean’s most historic and beautiful; and while there, hiked in its mountains.

Goats on Crete

Free-roaming goats are common in Crete’s mountains
Hiking through Crete’s interior mountains, one frequently encounters individual goats or herds of goats.

Goat skull

Stumbled across this while hiking in Crete
While hiking along a remote trail in Crete’s mountains, I stumbled across this remnant of one goat whose time had passed.

Goat skull

A fitting tribute to the goats of Crete
Today, part of his remains serve as a fitting tribute to the goats of Crete and to an island famous for its mountains, beaches, history, people and, yes, its goat.